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Whether we’re a proud sponsor of the 2014 Terrell Sugg’s Halloween Bash or the 2015 Carbiz.com Hunt Valley Springfest, Crabby J Spice is out and about making a difference in the community!  Learn how Crabby J Spice endeavors to share in the fun while benefiting area youth and communities!


Crabby J Spice is a new seasoning available at several Baltimore area retail stores, as well as online. It was a journey, but Crabby J Spice slowly evolved into the perfect blend of seasonings with the care and attention given by two brothers, Middle River, Maryland natives, who grew up in a waterfront community and had the privilege of crabbing from their earliest of years. Their oldest and fondest memories were those of catches being hulled in and then going on a quest to get their hands on any seasonings they could just so they could steam the crabs and savor their hard work.

As the brothers grew, they diligently experimented with various spices and concocted what they believed to be the perfect combination of flavors to enhance steamed crabs and every thing else.  Confident that they had perfected their spice blend, they finally rested in their efforts. This perfect spice combination was the only one the brothers used and the seasoning turned out to be a huge hit among all their family and friends. In fact, it wasn’t long before many folks were making special requests that the brothers share some of their precious blend with them.

After many years, and countless requests for the specially crafted blend, the brothers made the decision to do what was necessary to get Crabby J Spice on the market and available to food lovers everywhere. The rest is history. Crabby J Spice is now sold in stores throughout Baltimore and is forging its way into hearts and homes throughout the entire United States.

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